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The Career Pivot: Military to Civilian

Vet Pivot is a community podcast and online experience that breaks down the critical topics facing veterans and transitioning service members today. Our mission is to take your career and post-military life to the next level. As former United States Air Force Military Training Instructors, we have helped countless current military members and veterans achieve holistic post-service success. 


Matt and Adam are so glad that you have shown an interest in Vet Pivot and would love the chance to assist you with your transition and post-service success. We look forward to engaging with you!

- The Vet Pivot Team


“There comes a time after you are discharged when you realized that you are never really going to be able to transition from Military to Civilian life.

You're a 'Veteran' and always will be.”

Martimus Devildog Strzeszynski - US Marine Veteran


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